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About us

We are cool. We are smart. We are global.

So why would our merch be any different?

Our merch proudly represents our people, the HI in AI+HI and the bright brilliant people who make The Smart Cube what it is today.

Own your merch with pride, use it with confidence and don’t forget to share your inspiration for new products with us!

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Share the pride

We stand for acceptance and collaboration, and so does our merch. Wear your merch to work, at home, or whenever you want to share your pride in being a Smart Cuber


Share the joy 

Choose merch to give your colleagues kudos, or simply make their day brighter by gifting them something from our cool range of products. After all, who doesn't like gifts?

Meet the


Garvit Varshney

Empowering Smart Cubers to deliver excellence


Nandika Mehrotra

Accelerating collaboration through brand and design


Sutript Pandey

Building The Smart Cube for the digital age


Arijit Ganguly

Giving edge to our brand by looking and staying ahead

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